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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a manufacturer or trader?

       We are ISO and Sedex audited manufacturing factory having multiple manufacturing unit

  • Since how long you have been making macrame products ?

       We started making macrame with a very limited resources from year 2001 and growth was gradual, due to quality and service we grown to a full-             fledged factory in year 2010 so we are having a decade of experience in making macrame.


  • Do you have privacy policy?

       We work for international companies to develop their designs so maintaining privacy is our priority we follow non-disclosure  agreement to protect         your business privacy


  • Can I ask for sample before placing order?

       Yes you can buy sample to check quality before placing order

  • What is normal order process ?

       Send us your requirement we will quote you price and manufacturing time. Send us advance payment to start manufacturing


  • How fast can we get sample and order?

       We take 3 days to deliver sample and for order depend on quantity , usually for order till 1000 pieces get ready in 20 days


  • What is payment mode ?

       We accept payment through Bank transfer /our payment gateway /PayPal, you can select any one of the above


  • How secure is my payment?

      We understand this is the first question comes in when you want to proceed for payment, before making cross country payment you should know          your supplier well, we are SEDEX audited company , SEDEX conduct physical verification of companies before giving certificate . We are also verified         member of so rest assured your money is safe and you are dealing with genuine supplier  

Considering brand and work privacy we have mentioned limited information on our website for more details please fill up contact form or write us on

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