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From Where to buy Macrame /Best Place to buy macrame

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Every one knows there are two major manufacturing country's 1# is china and 2# is India , if you want to buy something machine made china could be a good choice but if you want o buy something handmade than India is much better option than china , let me explain you why point by point-

  • Due to high population Labour resources are easily available at low cost hence it make production cost cheaper in India

  • Raw material availability- India produce high quality natural cotton and macrame are made in cotton only to make it sustainable

  • Faster production - INDIA produces faster than china if it is handmade and so is macrame

  • most the buyer the buyer who buy from china are not aware that they get polyester mixed macrame which is not sustainable and it harm your nature

Last but not least good and bad supplier are everywhere you just need to reach right one

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